When fungi contaminate one of your nails or more, an infection of the nail fungus occurs. The infection begins once the white or the yellow spot under your nails or toenails start to appear. However, you should not let the infection be because once the infection becomes worse, it will spread.liver

Once the infection becomes worse, your nails will start to thicken, discolor and will have uneven edges. You wouldn’t want that to happen, right? So, if you suffer from this infection and you do not want it to become worse. One of the things that come into our mind first is to find ways on how to get rid of toenail fungus. Then, try to check the list of home remedies for nail fungus before settling in over-the-counter medicines. These are just a few tricks. To know more, visit livealittlelonger.com

  1. Crushed fresh garlic mixed with white vinegar. Fresh garlic is one of the nail fungus treatments that contain antifungal components when it is used raw. To use this home remedy, you have to make sure that the garlic is crushed really well. By crushing the garlic, the allicin compound will be released which has antifungal properties. After you have mixed the garlic into the white vinegar, soak the infected foot into the mixture. Also, eating raw garlic can help fight against fungus.

  1. Using Lemon juice. We all know that lemon juice is a best immuno-booster and an effective body slimmer. But now, we know that lemon juice can also be one of the home remedies in fungus infection which we didn’t even expect. The citric acid that can be found in lemons help in stopping the fungus infection from spreading to the other uninfected nails or other parts of the body. First, squeeze the lemon juice on and around the infected nail. Then, let it stay in the infected nail for fifteen minutes and rinse the nail thoroughly with clean water.

  1. Orange Oil. It is one of the remedies that can cure toenail fungus infection because of its natural anti-fungal properties. To use the orange oil, use a dropper to apply it on infected toenails and between toes. Let the oil set into the infected area for at least an hour. However, there are some people who may find orange oil to be too strong because they have sensitive skin. So if it happens that your skin is sensitive, mix the orange oil with an olive oil in one-to-one ratio. Since skin allergies are also common these days, it is better to test the orange oil first on a small spot of a healthy skin before applying it on the infected toenails.


  1. Apply lavender oil on the affected area of the feet. Lavender oil is a toenail fungus treatment, which can easily be found in households and supermarkets. It helps in relieving the irritated skin and is composed of antiseptic properties. If you want to know how to use this, then check the process. First, in a microwave, warm up the lavender oil to just the right warm temperature. Then using a cotton ball, soak it in the heated lavender oil. After that, apply and hold on the infected area numerous times for a few minutes every day until the infection is gone.