As our elders getting older they start taking more medicines and pills which is hazardous to their health. Managing medication is a very challenging task for our elders and for their caretaker. So, it is very necessary to take care of their medication in order to be them healthy.

Here are some tips which can help you to avoid over-consumption of medicines:

  1. Confirm with your doctor if their dose is according to age:

Our seniors are more sensitive towards some medicines but they don’t know some medicines cause adverse effects on them. So, it’s required to confirm with the doctor that their medical prescription is age appropriate or not.

  1. Bring your medication list to the doctor:

It’s advisable for you to take the list of your elder’s prescription or herbal supplements that they are taking to doctor or pharmacist. Even, you can check with the online pharmacy for the same. As they have more knowledge about the medicines and its harmful effects.

  1. Monitor their medications:

If your seniors show some kind of confusion about their medicines, never allowed them to treat on their own. Alternatively, you can set a reminder for each drug. Taking medicines on time is necessary otherwise it can cause ill to their health.

  1. Be sure about the medicines:

If your loved one taking multiple medications, ask them the reason why they are taking it and how to take it correctly. Be sure your elders should not be involved so much in many medications.

  1. Less number of doctors and pharmacist you consult:

It’s good to keep the minimum number of doctors and pharmacist’s advice because this takes the level up for them to review dosage and reduce the chance of side effects of it.

  1. Talk to your medical provider and ask your queries:

If you have any doubt about your elder’s medication then, you should clear your doubts with the pharmacist.