Hair is the first thing that one notices and it is something dear to everybody. Losing hair can give sleepless nights to many men. A good hair routine will take care of several problems and go a long way in maintaining your hair’s health.

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First of all you must understand that whatever the type of your hair, you need to perform your daily hair care to ensure good looking hair. Let us discuss about few hair care tips that men should follow in order to have great hair.

  1. Choose a shampoo & conditioner that suits your hair type. Also, try and use shampoos that are sulphate- free and conditioners that do not have silicones. These chemicals will harm your hair in the long run.
  2. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week and use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair. Hot water can cause your hair to be dry. Use cold water as the last rinse to get a shine and better looking hair after drying.
  3. Always pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it roughly. Rubbing your hair when wet can cause the hair to break.
  4. You can style your hair by using a small amount of gel when your hair is still damp. This will give you a well groomed look for the entire day.
  5. You can comb your hair after applying gel to your hair. You can use a wide tooth comb in case your hair is curly to avoid tangling of your hair. Fine tooth comb will cause your hair to be frizzy. Try and experiment with your looks by changing the parting or hair style to avoid hair from thinning in that particular area.
  1. Avoid using blow dryers frequently. It is best to let your hair air dry. This will also reduce hair thinning.
  2. Oil your hair and massage your scalp to stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood circulation.
  3. Be kind to your hair and do not handle your hair roughly. Rough handling can cause hair to break and fall off.
  4. Have a healthy and a balanced diet. Include eggs, nuts, beans etc to get enough protein from it for healthy hair. Green leafy vegetables, meat will ensure you have good amount of B vitamins in your diet. Vegetarians can include Vitamin B supplements for better hair quality. Omega 3 fatty acids available in walnuts, avocados, fish etc must be included in your diet to get healthy hair.

In addition to the above tips for hair care, some more tips are given below which if followed religiously will help in improving the health of your hair to a great extent.

  • Always massage your hair with your fingertips or the pads of finger rather than your fingernails. This will avoid your scalp from being scratched and injured.
  • Short hair styles will ensure that the oil from the scalp will be enough to protect your hair.
  • Go for regular hair trims and hair cuts to remove any damaged hair.
  • Use a wide toothed comb instead of a hair brush.
  • Use hair oil when your hair is still wet. This will act as leave in conditioner and will help your hair stay frizz free.
  • Avoid using cheap hair styling products to avoid drying or greasing up your hair. A good quality hair product may be expensive but it will not cause much harm to your hair.

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Men too need to look good and groom themselves. Hair thinning and hair loss can be very traumatic to many and can damage a person’s confidence.  Avoid smoking and drinking and follow a healthy lifestyle. It will not only improve the quality of your hair but also benefit your overall health and well being. If need be visit a hair specialist and get your scalp analyzed. You can also get your hair problem rectified incase it is found in the initial stage.

Whatever be the cause of your hair loss, you can always prevent it from worsening with some home remedies or even medications. But knowing the root cause of the problem is utmost important for which you will have to visit a hair specialist. Learn stress management exercises such as breathing, meditation and yoga that will bring about a positive change in your life. Eat a balanced diet, sleep for 7-8 hours and your hair will thank you for it.