The swollen part of the colon or development of varicose in the last part of the intestine or the rectum is popularly known as hemorrhoids. These are present and appear in form of nodules. These can be divided into two parts- internal and external. The symptoms for both the cases are almost same. There is a itching and burning sensation associated with that of hemorrhoids. In few cases blood is also visible. Immediate medical help is required to save the situation from getting worst.

There is a common question that enthralls people most of the time. The question is Do hemorrhoids go away? The answer to this question is actually not that easy. There are various remedies one can opt to at home in curing the diseases. The disease is recurring and cannot be healed completely. The following are few treatments that are used. These are home based remedies popular among various individuals:

  1. Fresh Potato:

This recipe is a cool one and can solve the problem to a huge extent. One need to search for fresh and green potatoes first that are free from germs, cut it into slices and freezer. After a while one needs to take out the potato and apply in the anus. Leave the slices for few minutes for first four days and gradually increase the timing in the following days by 30 seconds.

Hemorrhoids and Its Cure

  1. Use Of Home Sleek:

This will require a few things as follows: house sleek, a lemon and honey. The instructions to be followed are as below: one needs to leave the lemon in water adding a teaspoon of soda in it. The lemon must stay for more than 60 minutes. After that take it out and cut into slices. The next step is to grind house sleek leaves with these lemon slices and strain it through the gauze. Add honey and keep this in freeze. One needs to take this daily before breakfast.

There are reasons that make this question arise in mind Do hemorrhoids go away on their own? The answer is yes but the process is irritating so apply homemade recipes to avoid burns and side effects.