As per a study, an electronic cigarette is considered to be 95% less harmful than tobacco filled traditional cigarettes.  Many of us are still unaware what e-cigarettes are.

What do e-cigarettes  refer to?

It stands for electronic cigarettes containing a battery with a cartridge i.e. replaceable. The cartridge is filled with e-juices (containing vegetable glycerin, used in many food and medicine products) and can include flavors as well. When you light a puff, the liquid or e-juice heats up to produce vapor giving you same feeling as if you were smoking from a traditional cigarette. Since, e-juice contains no tobacco, so there are fewer chances of smokers getting hold of diseases.

e cigarate

In general, many doctors are referring e cigarette to their patients so that they can quit smoking as it has proved t be quite effective. Number of people switching to e-cigarettes has seen an increase with a simultaneous decrease in people who quit smoking. It was found that e-cigarettes release less amount of nicotine leading to not only less smoke in the environment but also protects second hand smokers (those who accompany smokers).

E-cigarettes are battery operated devices which are replaceable with refillable cartridges. Thus, these are cost-effective, one of the reasons for smokers to adopt it. It is also believed that soon it will be prescribed as a medicine by doctors. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke, so those using it are called as “vapors” (since, it produces vapor).  The vapor produced doesn’t have a bad smell unlike smoking; instead it comes in flavors such as cinnamon, vanilla, cheese cake.

With e-cigarettes, you need to vape differently. For example- with traditional cigarette, you before inhaling, take smaller draws but while vaping you need to take smaller draws. When inhaling the draw, you should exhale it immediately. It takes time but you understand when and how much you need to vape.

Smoking harms our body in every way known, for instance, those who smoke look old (due to yellowing of teeth, nails, dark circles), they are vulnerable to cancers (lung, mouth, pancreatic cancer), increase risk of heart attacks, stress, frustration, they might get acne and dry skin. To combat these problems, e-cig was introduced. They are gaining popularity. People who switched to e-cig’s have confirmed that the health benefits are amazing and they feel much healthier now.

Although a new product in the market, e-cigarettes’ sales are already on a high.