Biocorp, receives a prestigious award at the annual Pharmapack Europe conference, held at the ParisExpo in February.  Pharampack is one of the leading events for the pharmaceutical industry, where the latest and best technologies are rewarded for their overall contribution to the sector.diabetes

EasyLog is a smart sensor that partners with Biocorp’s other award winning technology the Data Pen.    The Data Pen is a revolutionary design that allows patients to safely inject specific doses of medicine based upon a specific treatment program, or in times of urgent need.  The Data Pen is leading the way in smart drug delivery systems around the world, because of its unique ability to communicate with a mobile app.

EasyLog is a valuable tool for those that manage their own medical care.  It has the ability to remind, keep track and transmit valuable data about the patients’ usage and recorded injections directly to a secure server.  This information is stored, and is available on request of the patient or their medical adviser, toensure that specific treatment programs are being maintained.diabetes

Being part of a smart drug delivery system the patient feels much more confident and assured they are following their doctors’ advice.  If they miss an important injection, a message can be sent directly to their mobile phone.  As the information is logged, it is very easy to keep track of insulin levels and other important readings that can be collected using the app.

A revolution that works in tandem with industry standard technologies such as Bluetooth 4.0, allowing users a feeling of empowerment over previous methods of self-administering injections.  Data Pen has been primarily developed by the laboratories of Biocorp for diabetes sufferers but has the ability to be rolled out for other such ailments.

Biocorphas over twenty years of experience and more than 30 manufactured products in its portfolio. They are a leader in the pharmaceutical industry developing and manufacturing smart drug delivery systems that assist and simplify patients’ needs through the clever use of technology and years of research and development.

Easy Log and Data Pen are certainly leading the way forward in achieving greater compliance rates in patients and is a perfect solution for those that need a constant reminder to take their meds.

The Pharamapack award for EasyLog was in the category Best Exhibitor Innovation for “customization and user-friendliness” acknowledged for being an intuitive real time monitoring tool for patients and health care professionals.  The exhibition brought together the worldwide leaders for pharma packaging and drug delivery solutions.

Biocorp is located near Clermont-Ferrand, France, and employs in excess of 40 staff at its laboratories, and is publicly listed in France on the Alternext Exchange (ALCOR).