Under development of brain nerve cells lead to an ailment called Autism. The connection between the nerves at points and the nerve cells called synapses is not possible. The neurons are not distributed properly through these nerves and therefore the brain of the person suffering from autism is not able to process the info properly. Symptoms of Autism are plainly perceptible by the time a child reaches the age of three. The most noticeable indication of the disorder is the trouble in communication. For such a child, social integration becomes increasingly difficult. Some children suffering from Autism have also been associated with sleep disorder and mental retardation anxiety.

The particular causes of this ailment are largely indefinite and though some believe it to be chromosomal, there can be many more probable cause. There are concepts that relate autism caused by certain kinds of food, overdose of vaccines and heavy metals in food chain, but are yet to be verified. Some researchers have tried to link Autism with concentration of heavy metals in arteries caused by consumption of some foods without any methodical evidence. The gene mutation of the malady is intricate and exact mutations are yet to be recorded. In this disorder, behavioral tests are better suited to detect the disorder than any diagnostic tests.

A 9 year old boy holding out a blue iced puzzle piece shaped sugar cookie.  Shallow DOF, focus on cookie only.

Curtis Cripe uses the Internet and tele-medicine to deliver and manage applicable brain-training therapies, the networked programs to support families with children with autism, learning disabilities, and other progressive delays, as well as adults with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, PTSD, and head injuries regardless of location and remoteness.

For every 1000 persons in the world, the prevalence of the disorder is about 1 to 2 persons. It is unlucky that parents are not geared to catch signs timely and detect them by the time their child has reached an age of one. All the symptoms of Autism are full blown by the age of three. Early detection can help in thwarting onset of more symptoms, though there are no known treatments techniques of this incapacitating disorder. When started early, treatment, can help an autistic child to learn how to deal with others and lead a healthier life. Curtis Cripe is also a Neuroengineer and the dome of the Research and Development department of NTL group.


There are individuals who say that autistic children should be acknowledged as being different and not treated as a sickness. Social behavior is a bargain of this disorder as the kid will not endeavor to make an eye contact with an individual and rather look at things. Children suffering from this disorder remain detached and do not show love or care like other kids of their age. The social response of these children are poor and they cannot respond or emote like normal children. Maintaining relations and friendship are a difficult task for these children and they have difficulty in intermingling with peers. In spite of a lot of research on autism, a lot remains to be elucidated and there are still not known cures for this disorder.