Many adults and children rely on supplements to enhance their brain power. Bacopa Monnieri is a natural medicine that can help improve memory, reduce stress and anxiety and performs a number of other functions.

Bacopa Monnieri and its benefits

The supplement is derived from the creeping vine plant. The extracts of this plant which is also called Brahmi is known for its ability to treat issues like anxiety, chronic inflammation, epileptic seizures, arthritis and joint pain. The supplements derived from the plant are known to improve retention and learning.


The supplements also enhance memory and boost mood. Serotin and dopamine are the primary hormones that are responsible for the different feelings and moods experienced by a person.

The supplement has high concentration of Bacoside A which helps in synaptic communication. It helps to raise kinase activity which further facilitates the brain to establish connections. In this way, the supplement stands true to the efficacy claims for Bacopa as a memory enhancer. The enzyme Tryptophan Hydroxylase which are present in Bacopa result in additional synapses that boost memory.

The supplement also helps in stress reduction by regulating HSP70 which is known to be a stress biomarker. The reduction of stress enhances memory and results in clearer thinking abilities.

The supplements can prove immensely helpful for people suffering from various kinds of anxiety related disorders. The calming effects of the supplement help in reduction of anxiety and also promote learning. Depression can also be treated with regular use of these supplements as it has proven mood lifting qualities.


Dosage and safety

A dose of 300mg of the supplement daily is considered suitable for adults as well as children. This dose when taken regularly has instant effects on anxiety. The memory effects might take longer to show. However, with regular usage, people generally witness improvement in memory.

The supplement is not known to have any serious side effects when taken in prescribed doses. However, it is advisable to combine Bacopa with anti depressants. The combination may cause side effects like blood pressure fluctuation, thyroid problems and GI blockage. The minor side effects may include certain digestive and stomach problems. The supplement may also be taken in the nootropic combination of Alpha Brain for effective results.

Bacopa Monnieri is a popular supplement that is widely used by adults and children. tHe various benefits provided by it have made it a preferred supplement for boosting memory and reducing stress.