It’s no secret that menopause comes with an array of negative side effects. For some women, these symptoms are negligible, and they can take each hot flash in stride. Menopause can be a quick transition for many women, consisting of only a few short months of symptoms. But this doesn’t paint the full picture of menopause. Each woman’s experience is as unique as her life itself. Some women struggle with powerful and painful symptoms over long periods of time, making it hard to get on with life as usual. For those individuals, a little extra help is sometimes needed, and Bioidentical Hormones are just the support that they need.

In the past, hormone therapy has been met with some suspicion. Many women were worried that introducing synthetic hormones was a risky process that wasn’t worth the pay off. But that was in the past. Like most medical procedures, hormone therapy has evolved since then. Bioidentical Hormones are isolated from plants. The estradiol, progesterone, and estrogen harvested from these sources are near indistinguishable from those produced naturally in the body. Studies have shown these hormones to be safer and more effective than their synthetic counterparts.

Hormone Therapy

By administering bioidentical hormones into the menopausal body, health care practitioners can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms experienced. Introduction of these hormones can provide balance to an overstressed system in the middle of flux. As a result, patients may even see their symptoms disappear completely.

This process has the power to meaningfully change the lives of women struggling through difficult menopauses. The safest option for any woman who islooking to treat and reduce her symptoms lies in finding a therapy that is tailored to her individual needs. She can’t expect a therapy that’s ‘one-size-fits-all to realistically provide relief, so she must demand a personalized treatment plan.

She can find that in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement therapy (BHRT). Dedicated medical practitioners have created a comprehensive approach that relies on individual care. The length and strength of every BHRT is unique to the individual woman, and it should come with other medical and holistic services. Support can’t be overestimated during a time like this, so BHRT clinics must provide lifestyle and emotional counselling and coaching, in addition to their normal hormone therapy.

In order to ensure the coaching and hormone therapy is secure, effective, and safe, women should only look towards reputable and renowned hormone clinics. When they contact the experts within the industry, their course of treatments is guaranteed to be on the right track.