Of all the illness and disease you could potentially get, cancer has to be the one the most people fear the most. If you’ve just been recently diagnosed you’ve basically two ways to approach it. Either you go with the conventional treatment recommended by your cancer specialist and only that, or to some extent you take charge of your disease and do as much as you can to give your body a fighting chance.

Cancer is not just a localised disease. It is a disease of the whole body but only manifests itself in certain areas, therefore the best approach is to treat the whole body and by that I mean improve on diet and clear out as many toxins as possible before the conventional treatment begins. So, what’s the best way of doing this?

Cancer Detox

Cut Down On Animal Fats

One thing you need to do is cut down on animal fats. Your liver will need to cope with many new things over your course of treatment such as lactic acid from the dead cancer cells and other toxins so don’t add to your problems by having an unhealthy liver.


Take as much exercise as you can. Exercise gets the blood flowing around the body and eliminates toxins faster. Also cancer cells can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment so help your body oxygenate itself.

Cut Out Processed Food

Cut out all processed food and try to eat as naturally as possible. Processed food provides an acidic environment which is just what a cancer cell likes so try to create the opposite by eating foods that are known to be alkaline.

To aid your detox try using a hot tub regularly. Warm water will make your body sweat which is just what you need to speed up toxin removal. A hot tub will also create a relaxing environment; perfect for putting you in the right frame of mind for your battle ahead, something we recently came across from UK based Vita Spa Hot Tubs.