Hepatitis A is an inflammatory disease of the liver caused by the Hepatitis A virus. People at higher risk to be infected with Hepatitis A virus include those that use illegal drugs, men who have sex with men, people who live with individuals that have the disease, and people who travel to developing countries. Hepatitis A virus is transmitted to others by contaminated stools (feces); foods prepared by an infected person, contaminated water, and close personal contact for example, touching hands, sex with an infected person. But it is not contaminated by sneezing, cough, hugging (without skin contact) or by being near an infected person. The disease is quite rare affecting fewer than one million each year. The symptoms may include feeling exhausted, muscle soreness, upset stomach, fever, loss of appetite, stomach pain, diarrhea, dark-yellow urine, light-colored stools and yellowish eyes and skin. Hepatitis A has no medicinal cure yet and requires prolonged period of dieting, follow-up treatment etc. to manage the condition, which can be very expensive. Crowdfunding India thinks that crowdfunding your Hepatitis A treatment may help you lessen your financial burden a bit.

Hepatitis A runs a high risk of severe dehydration or other symptoms which may require hospitalization. Crowdfunding India says that hospitalization at such a short notice can come off as a shock and nobody has money arranged for these situations. In these cases, an emergency online medical crowdfunding can help to carry out the hospital expenses and the funding can be received online within days.

Hepatitis A weakens the patient to an unimaginable level, they require a special diet, need to be taken care of constantly. If you live alone and do not have anyone to tend for you, you can always start an online medical crowdfunding so that you can admit yourself into a hospital or at least hire an attendant to take care of you. Crowdfunding India says that online crowdfunding is very easy to use, and can be handled by the patient herself.

Online crowdfunding is done via any online crowdfunding platforms, like Crowdfunding India. Here you can start your campaign after paying a nominal registration amount. Post a genuine account of your disease and your struggle to cope with the medical bills, appeal to the public to help you out with medical documents to prove your legitimacy. Then start spreading the word. Share your campaign online on social media platforms, send mails to your peers and talk to them. The donations will be received online and you won’t be required to go anywhere to receive the donations.

Hepatitis A is preventable but it requires a highly expensive vaccine which you may not be able to afford, and the insurances do not cover the treatment of Hepatitis A. In situations like this asking for help from the masses is the right thing to do instead of taking loans or giving up your life savings. Since you will be bed-bound for days, you will be needing to make up for the wages that you would lose. Crowdfunding India says that it is our duty to help a fellow human being in trouble; all you need to do is start the campaign.