Cannabis is now becoming more and more in trend to cure some health conditions as well as in prevention also. It is also used in many mainstream culture and many people use it for its beneficial chemical property. In medical uses it also improved fasting insulin which in turn helps in metabolic functions.

Despite the tendency of craving for foods, the people who take medical marijuana in daily basis can constantly feel the low BMI. They have the less tendency of any metabolic disorder like diabetes.

Why the Marijuana users are less obese?

The fact is surprising that the user of Medical Cannabis can easily achieve the slim figure. But, we also know that the cannabis increases the cravings for unhealthy food. It is because the studies propose some hypothesis that cannabis users have 16% lower fasting insulin and lower BMI than the non users. For those who take cannabis as a medicine to reduce the pain of Arthritis and others are said to be encouraged more for weight loss.

Another benefit of using the cannabis is preventing the stress. Stress is always harmful as it can be a major reason behind the weight gain. Medical Cannabis can slower down the stress level and also reduce the possibility of gaining weight.

How Marijuana can reduce the body fat?

In a study of 2013, it is found out that cannabinoid in Marijuana known as THCV can reduce the glucose intolerance. So, this may be beneficial in type 2 diabetes by using the Medical Marijuana. The activation of cannabinoid receptor can reduce the appetite and also prevents body fat.

It is important to remember that smoking weed can increase the appetite and may alter the result. It is best to use medical cannabis under the medical guidance.