Cosmetic Dentistry – Different Procedures Involved In This Treatment


Not everyone is gifted with a graceful smile and a mouth of even, aligned and pearl white teeth. There can be a wide range of issues that can deteriorate your look significantly.  Some of them can be discolored teeth, missing teeth, broken or chipped teeth or unaligned teeth. These dental issues have become very common these days.

To treat all these issues efficiently, cosmetic dentists offer new and advanced methods that give instant and cost effective solutions. Based on the teeth’s condition, they suggest the best treatment to solve the imperfections in your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry offers professional oral care that aims at improving the entire appearance of the mouth including your teeth, gums and smile.  In this article we will share with you different types of cosmetic dentistry.

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Dentures are considered to be the oldest cosmetic dentistry method to get a better smile. These are very useful in making the food chewing process easy.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are a beneficial way to treat issues in the frontal areas of your teeth. If any of your teeth have fallen out, the main reason for it could be poor attachment to the roots. Dental implants act as a replacement for both the roots as well as the tooth.


If your teeth are chipped or not in proper shape, you need not go for dental implants because contouring is the best way to treat such issues. In this procedure, your teeth undergo reshaping or overlapping teeth are aligned to give a desired look. In both ways, you are sure to get straightened teeth and an improved smile.

Teeth Straightening

Irregular and uneven teeth are common reasons for visiting a cosmetic dentist. So, if you too are having the same problem, cosmetic dentistry provides you remarkable with a measure called metal-based dental braces.

These are metal braces that place your teeth in a desired position to give you straight looking teeth with an enhanced smile. This process requires quite a long time, and the metal braces require several readjustments during your one or two years of wearing them.

Invisible Dental Braces

This is an alternative to traditional metal braces. Due to their ease and comfort, this method has become the most popular choice for people with irregular teeth. Their function is similar to that of the ordinary metal braces, but does not give you a feeling of wearing braces at all. Due to their invisible look, people do not easily recognize them, and so you don’t hesitate to wear them.


Veneers are another very important procedure used by cosmetic dentists to correct chipped and stained teeth. Veeners are more like a porcelain jacket applied to the chipped or stained teeth with the help of dental bonding procedures. Dental veneers are finely created to the teeth structure of every individual. It gives resemblance of one’s original teeth. Veneers look very real and also solve various cosmetic issues from crooked teeth, to damaged enamel or crooked teeth to gaps between teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are dental substances that are made in dental labs from resin material. These are then carefully attached to the teeth using sticky dental cement. Inlays and outlays offer support making your teeth strong and free of any sort of decay or deterioration.

Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening procedure helps in removing accumulated plaque, debris or tartar on the surface of the teeth to restore their natural color and appearance.

To enhance your look and boost your self-confidence, it is advised to get your teeth thoroughly checked by a qualified cosmetic dentist as early as possible. Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S is a well-known cosmetic dentist who has earned reputation for specialized cosmetic dental services.

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