According to the clinical research it is proved that D-ribose is used to improve athletic performance abilities, for bodybuilding and for recovery from strenuous workouts very quickly. Bodybuilding is a very energy taking sport. The body builders require a certain amount of energy to lift up heavy weights and to grow and repair the muscle tissues side by side. The energy demanded by these body builders is not just during the workout sessions but also for recovery period. D-ribose is very efficient in shortening the recovery period.

D-ribose for bodybuilders –


It is very important for the ATP synthesis to happen constantly in the body. Without ATP, no cell can function or even stay alive. Most athletes have an ability to regenerate ATP in half time as compared to average fitness levels. People who have energy limiting conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.

It takes one full minute to regenerate ATP which only took 10 – 15 seconds to deplete in the first place. The people suffering from these conditions experience muscle stiffness and pain and also require additional energy to correct these muscles. The result is that the body which is already under fatigue becomes even less capable of regenerating ATP.

ATP generated during exercise –


  • ATP is necessary for generating energy in the body.
  • When the energy is released in the body, the ATP converts into adenosine diphosphate (ADP).
  • This ADP is again sent back to cellular mitochondria so that it can be converted back to ATP.
  • When the body is under extreme activity, ADP gets further converted into AMP.
  • If at all AMP gets recycled to ATP, the process is very slow.
  • In this case it is easier for the body to synthesize new ATP rather than converting the AMP to ATP again.
  • D-ribose is required for the synthesis of new ATP.

D-ribose for improved muscle recovery –

Bodybuilders constantly experiment for new methods to achieve faster muscle recovery. Until the muscles are recovered from one workout, it can be risky to work them in next workout. Athletes are required to rest and let their muscles heal before any further training. So for this reason the recovery time should be minimized.

According to research it is proved that D-ribose is very helpful in minimizing the recovery time. Click here to read For any more details and information about D-ribose and its uses.