Dementia, the rising mental illness should be treated by experienced doctors


There are countless families who are not ready to cope with the learning that their dear one have some sort of mental illness. Mental illness can be of various forms and types. One of the most rising type of metal illness is Dementia. It refers to a broad category of brain diseases due to the affect of which a person loses their ability to think, remember and carry out the necessary daily activities. It is not a specific disease but it addresses the comprehensive set of similar conditions. Alzheimer’s disease forms about 80% of the dementia cases.

Not many medical experts have the necessary expertise to treat the patients suffering from this illness. Dr. Jonathan B Lauter MD is one of the reputed names who have profound experience in treating these patients and helping them to lead a better life. He tells that dementia can exhibit a variety of symptoms and it can significantly impair the daily normal functioning of the human being.

mental illness

Some of the most common areas which suffers due to dementia are:

  • Memory
  • Communication and language
  • Lack of focus and attention
  • Reasoning and judgment
  • Perception

While a person can exhibit any of these symptoms, it has been noticed all these symptoms are progressive in nature. The patient would experience more and more difficulties with each day. Hence, without ignoring, the family of the patient should take immediate action which would prevent further deterioration. Hence, they should reach the most eminent medical practitioner who treats this disease.

Most of the people are not aware of the causes of dementia. Dementia is such a disease which is caused due to the damage of brain cells. Every brain cell ceases its activity and they cannot communicate with each other. As they cannot communicate and work, the respective person starts to exhibit the symptoms. It can affect any particular part of the brain but it generally attacks the hippocampus region which is known as the center of learning and memory. Generally aged people becomes affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, cerebral attacks, continued depression, excess intake of alcohol, thyroid problems and medical side effects can also result in dementia.

In the last one decade, people suffering from dementia have increased manifolds. As there is no specific test which can determine if some person has dementia. It completely lies into the expertise of the doctor who concludes on the basis of medical history, physical examination, laboratory tests and behavioral changes. Hence, it is always necessary to take assistance from reputed and experienced doctors like Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD.

Through the meticulous tests and examinations, he can accurately determine the disease and the following treatment. The treatment of dementia generally depends on its cause. Dr. Jonathan B Lauter always provides the best possible treatment to the patients so that the rate of progression stops and application of drugs betters the condition. He had treated countless patients and their family were extremely satisfied with the treatment as the patients are leading a normal life.