At some point, just about everybody wants to improve his or her level of fitness. From Olympic athletes to everyday people, many would like to be in better shape. The smartphone revolution has made that easier than ever before. Smartphone apps tailored to helping you keep track of your health and fitness have appeared in recent years, which means that users have some choices to make. If you look through your app store, you’ll likely find fitness apps from all over the spectrum. Some offer you incredible results, but if they offer too much, they’re probably not being truthful. A fitness app is only as good as the person who’s using it. The very best apps are those that are created by professional trainers and connected to actual gyms. The weakness of an app is that it can’t hold you accountable, and it lacks the kind of hands-on specificity a trainer can provide. If you choose a professionally created app connected with a gym, it’s like having a personal trainer.

Join a Gym

You should first join a gym that offers a fitness app. Combining an app with an actual trainer allows you to know more about the fitness program you’re taking part in. Instead of just a set of movements, you have a specially tailored program that is designed to bring you to your desired fitness level.

When you work with a trainer, you tell him or her your goals. You tell them whether you would like to lose or gain weight, in what areas you’d like to improve, and whether you have any medical issues. Once they have all of that information, they can create a custom workout regimen that helps you achieve your goals safely and efficiently. If you can’t afford a trainer or if you just don’t like another person seeing you sweat that much, you can choose an app connected with a gym. The idea of an app connected to a physical gym can’t be stressed enough. There are many different machines, workout areas, and fitness classes offered by each gym. It wouldn’t be very helpful for an app to help you craft a workout plan you’re not actually equipped to do!

Fitness 1Custom Fitness Program

The app and/or the trainer should help you craft a custom fitness plan. That custom fitness app should allow you to track your progress as well as make a schedule. You can compare the schedule against your real progress to determine if you’re staying on track or if your schedule needs to be adjusted. Also, a library of exercises is a great help. Sometimes, new combinations of exercises can be confusing or complex. Performing an exercise with proper form as possible is very important. That’s how you get the best results while staying avoiding injury.

As an added bonus, you should look for an app that allows you to plan classes at the gym. The gym should offer a variety of fitness classes. Some people like an aerobic class that gets the heart rate up. Others like one-on-one treatment with free weights or machines.  Whatever you prefer, in this day and age, it can be customized to fit your goals!