If you or your loved one is in this situation where there is an addiction to drugs, you might be wondering how the situation has come about. If you’re wondering about this, this article will tell you more. There are basically three distinct stages in any drug addiction. It is helpful to think in terms of the three different stages because then it will help you understand how serious the problem is.

This particular model of describing drug addiction in three different stages was developed on the basis of the different changes that take place in the brain when someone starts using drugs. With the three stage model, you will understand which particular stage of drug addiction you are in and you will also be able to get the right kind of treatment for this case that you are currently in.

The very first stage of drug addiction is typically binging. The person may binge drink, or use the drug excessively. In this stage, it is all happiness, and the person feels like they are on top of the world. They keep taking the drug and they do not feel any negative effects at all. They are just happy and they cannot believe that it is possible to feel like this, and why should they not take something that gives them such a happy feeling? This is when the drug addicts start getting into the clutches of the drug, and they slowly step into the second stage.5

In the second stage, the drug will really start exerting its influence. The drug addict might find that it is not easy or practically impossible to actually function without the help of the drug. They will start experiencing a lot of negative things during this stage. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely difficult to deal with and it can be physically and mentally traumatic.

In the third stage, the addiction is complete because the person’s thoughts will be completely about the drug or alcohol.

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