Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are interested in using testosterone injections, supplements and boosters. Testosterone, which is the primary male hormone, is produced by the testes, under the directions of the pituitary and hypothalamus gland. Owing to age and several other factors, the natural production of the hormone may drop, and one might need hormone replacement therapy. Should you really consider testosterone pills and boosters? We have a few tips below for help.

Increasing testosterone in men

Testosterone helps in muscle growth and has a big influence on bone strength and libido. The testes make the hormone and take directions from the pituitary gland. If the levels of T are low, the pituitary gland will release the luteinizing hormone, which will signal the testes to produce more of testosterone. If you are diagnosed with low T, there are many ways to manage the condition. There are prescription and non-prescription pills, drugs, injections, and supplements that can be used, depending on the facts of the case.

Pills vs. Boosters

Testosterone is used by bodybuilders, often with other steroids, to enhance muscle growth. However, using any kind of synthetic hormone is not advisable for nonmedical purposes and may have a few side effects. Testosterone could cause a receding hair line, besides influencing the libido. If you are new to the genre, it is important to understand the difference between testosterone injections and boosters. Injections have synthetic hormones, and therefore, these are only available on prescription. On the contrary, boosters contain zinc, magnesium, and other inclusions like Vitamins, which support the concerned glands in producing more testosterone. Supplements and boosters are typically legal and can be purchased online.

Things to note

Testosterone is not meant for everyone, and the side effects can include liver and organ damage. Do not use steroids and other products, unless you have discussed the concerns and risks with a doctor. Also, one must be careful with supplements as well, because not all are genuine. A lot of these are made with substandard ingredients, which can cause more harm than expected. Just check online to know more about the best testosterone supplements, and if possible, always buy from a known and verified seller. Buyers should read the label and all dosage and other instructions in detail.

Over the years, testosterone use has increased among bodybuilders, but being cautious is more than essential. Talk to a doctor if you have symptoms of low T.