Panic attack is a common term which everyone has heard about. However, many does not know what panic attack is. This is a disorder which refers to a sudden rise of uncontrollable fear or anxiety. The situation if not handled carefully can lead to emergency. People suffering from panic attack experience shortness of breath, heart palpitation and also a death like feeling. It is a type of anxiety attack. If you are prone to panic attack, it is time you get help says neuro-engineer Dr. Curtis Cripe. He has a long career of treating people with anxiety disorder. He knows that left untreated people who are prone to panic attack can face serious health problem.

When it gets out of control, the patients of panic attack can withdraw from the social activities. However, the good news is even though it might not seem so, but, panic attack can be cured with proper treatment. If you get right treatment, you can erase the symptoms of panic attack. Also, you can resume your old life. Remember that the sooner you get help the better it is for you.

Dr. Curtis Cripe, however, urges people to understand the disorder before trying to find a solution. There are cases where panic strikes out without any apparent reason. This sometimes occurs when the person is relaxing or sleeping. Panic attack can occur once or it might become a part of life. People might experience more than one attacks in their life.2

Symptoms of Panic Attack

Dr. Cripe thinks that it is important to know about the signs of panic attack if someone wants to get proper treatment. It has been noticed that panic attacks usually occur when someone is out of the home. However, it is not mandatory that it occurs out of home only. Sometimes it happen when someone is at home. The unnerving fact of panic attack is that the signs are sudden and it does not take time for them to develop. Chest pain is a common sign that someone is about have a panic attack. Shaking is another symptom which refers to panic disorder. Some begins to sweat when panicked. Feeling dizzy or feeling numb can be sign of panic attack as well.

Cause of Panic Disorder

It is not clear why people suffer from panic disorder. However, the trend of panic attack have been seen to run in the family. However, there are cases where this occurs due to medical condition. In case, you identify with the symptoms of panic attack, you need to talk to a doctor without making any delay. It is important that you understand panic attacks can be cured with right counselling. You just need the assistance of an expert who can help you. Dr. Curtis Cripe reminds people that there are different types of treatments which can be prescribed. However, it is not possible to prescribe a treatment without evaluating the patient.

This is the reason, don’t think that you will be able to battle the situation without anyone’s help. Ask for help without losing time.