It has always been a thought-generating topic that which technique is the best decision in order to overcome the problem of baldness/hair loss. Scientifically, there are two prime techniques in the hair transplant award, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The technique involved in the restoration world is facilitated by the process of graft extraction that is implanted into the recipient bald area of the scalp. The graft or follicular unit is what that decides the success of the procedure in order to cover the respective grade of baldness followed by the implantation process. The role of the graft is all about the procedure of hair transplant and that is extracted on the basis of the available grade of baldness, the needed density for getting the aesthetic beauty as well as the desire of the patient that are asked for the making the particular hairline design. However, the technique has a central role in the hair transplant world and chosen very carefully by the hair transplant Surgeon.

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It is better to discuss each technique separately to clear the doubt and highlight the fact with the perspective of receiving the aesthetic result of the hair transplant procedure.

The FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant is the process of follicular unit extraction via the strip of the skin from the safe donor area, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp. The technique involves a linear incision that heals very quickly if the procedure is followed by the Trichophytic closure, an advanced technique to close the wounded area. The FUT gives the permanent result because the strip is targeted only from the safe donor area that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots, which is destined to remain permanent. This is both the surgical and artistic technique in which Surgeons’ precision can be rated on the achieved results in terms of the number of grafts and a scarless donor portion after the procedure.

The advantages of FUT Hair Transplant

  • Quite preferable for covering the higher grade of baldness
  • High-density hair transplant is all possible
  • The second-sitting can be facilitated from the same donor area
  • Only a linear incision is made for excision of the strip that heals very quickly
  • A scarless result is possible with the application of an advanced closing technique known as the Trichophytic closure
  • An ultimate for the progressive hair loss, i.e., androgenic alopecia
  • It has compatibility to offer a greater amount of follicular units/graft
  • Graft survival rate is very high with a 95-98% yielding ratio.

The FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant is an alternate option of the hair restoration and performed when a patient is underage and doesn’t possess the required criteria to receive the FUT hair transplant, which is an ultimate option to get over the problem of baldness. The FUE hair transplant is the process of random punching to extract the graft from the donor area of the scalp. This random punching is done by the punching tools that are 1mm in diameter that limited the ability to extract the multiple numbers of hair roots. It is only performed when the patient is affected by a lesser grade of baldness or the patient possesses the tight scalp. The graft damage risk is very high in this technique owing to its random punching and blind method to know about the exact angle and direction of hair roots.


Summarizing all, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is safe, painless, scarless, and a result-oriented if the technique is selected after a careful assessment of the state of the scalp by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. The FUT hair transplant is, of course, a better decision to meet the aesthetic requirement of the procedure.