Our trip home from my annual physical was quiet.  Although nothing unusual had been detected I always left these checkups a bit grouchy.  It was an attitude my wife had come to expect, so she’d now bring something to occupy herself instead of trying to discuss the doctor’s recommendations.  Like most folks I tended to resent being told how to live my life and disliked being admonished for indulging in activities I enjoyed.

But this trip was even more annoying than usual.  I’d listened to the usual speech about better exercise and diet.  But then he gave me a story about getting more relaxation and rest I almost turned the chair over.  After all, medical costs were partly why I was working at this age.  And my wife had been telling me I needed a vacation for a year.  Unknown to her I’d scanned deals offered by Travelocity to see what was available for places on my “bucket list” but this was just preliminary research.  However, as we struggled through traffic I remembered that Travelocity offered 15% off of listed hotel rates when using a Groupon promo code.   So while sitting in the traffic delay I made my decision.  If I was going to start out on a health regimen, I promised myself, that I’d make sure it would be one I’d enjoy.

When we got home my wife went to the kitchen to prepare one of those new meals the doctor had recommended for better diet and weight control.  Ordinarily I might have groaned out loud but this time I took advantage of the opportunity to look up Travelocity on my tablet.  And in less than 15 minutes I’d made reservations for a cruise, scheduled our flight to the home port and rented a car.  All this was done while taking advantage of a 40% discount Travelocity offers when you use a Groupon coupon and schedule your trip within a 24-hour time frame.  I told my wife she’d have no time to cook since we needed to pack for our health vacation.  In less than 12 hours we were off to the airport on our way to the cruise port.  We were going to start my new prescribed health routine in a manner that would do wonders for us both!