The biggest concern for most of us today is to somehow burn the extra fat and be in shape. Women with little bulging fat on the tummy, legs, hands and butts don’t have any value in society. Thus, even getting pregnant is a great fear for most of the women.

Many studies have shown that you can be back in shape even after delivery a baby. We see most of the celebrities getting back in shape within short span of time after pregnancy. However, educing extra kilos rapidly is not an indication of good health.

Women will obviously have pressure from family and society to lose weight. Also, presence of the new baby and its sleeping patterns, eating patterns, crying and cleaning dirty nappies will also have a drastic impact on her life. You also have to slowly adjust and cope up with the new changes in your body and life.

How to be back in shape?

  • Normally, most women lose half of their pregnancy weight as body begins to return to pre-pregnancy state.
  • In some women excessive breastfeeding will also lead to loss of weight, as their baby need 330-400 kcal extra per day. However, it is not true in all cases.
  • Following a nutritious and balanced diet along with proper exercise and physical activities would be an ideal way to lose weight.
  • Before you start, make sure you do warm up, drink plenty of water, and wear comfortable footwear and supportive bra.
  • Joining any of your friends or neighbors who also have the same target to be achieved would help to get rid of boredom and laziness.

Rapid weight loss at a greater rate more than 0.5-1 kg per week would not indicate good health. It just shows weight loss in body water composition or muscle mass and thereby changing your eating habits.


Patience is the utmost quality one should have, when the aim is to get back into shape, especially after delivery of a baby. Above all, approaching the right dietitian to guide you on the right path is very important. Therefore, make sure you find one of the best dietitians in Raliegh and follow their instructions.

Pregnancy is never a bane to your body. In fact, it’s a blessing for your body to experience some beautiful moments of life with the little soul in it. You can be the same even after delivery if you follow the recommended diet and physical activities.

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