Frenectomy is a mouth surgery conducted specially to remove oral frenum. The frenum is a tissue strand found in between the lips and cheeks tissues and inside the gums and mouth. Frenum comes in two options; the lingual and labial frenum. The labial frenum is the strand tissue connecting your upper lip to two upper front teeth and center gums. The lingual frenum connects the mouth floor with the bottom middle of your mouth. When these tissues grow thicker, tighter, or shorter than normal, they end up affecting the functioning and development of your mouth. The health condition formed is referred to as lip and tongue ties, and it’s eradicated using Frenectomy surgery.

Effects of Tongue Ties

If not treated early in advance, this oral condition can have serious health problems on your kids over the long run. Some serious problems that could result when this condition is not treated in time include gum recession, decay and cavities, speed and articulation issues, poor food cleansing, and painful flossing and brushing.

Advantages of Frenectomy surgery

Getting the lip and tongue ties condition treated on time by a specialist can have numerous benefits on your kid’s health and everyday life. Some benefits linked with this oral surgical procedure include easier breathing, healthy weight gain, easier breastfeeding, better bite function, increased appetite, better speed, boosted confidence, and lower acid reflux.

The Cost of Frenectomy surgery

Many things come into play when deciding on the Frenectomy cost. Some of the main factors that determine how much you will pay for your kid’s Frenectomy surgery include the severity of their condition, the experience, and expertise of the dentist as well as the technology utilized in the surgical procedure. Most specialized clinics start their surgery pricing at $500. The price is, however, not constant as it can go as high as $1000 and as low as $300.


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