Hearing Aid Repair and Adjustments


    Hearing aids are a lifeline for a lot of people in today’s world. What happens when a hearing aid is malfunctioning? Is your hearing aid acting up or causing pain? If your hearing aid is uncomfortable or isn’t working, you may need hearing aid repair.

    Before taking your hearing aids in for repair to a hearing aid center, consider some things that may be malfunctioning. There may be a way for you to make an adjustment yourself to repair your hearing aids.

    What’s Wrong With Your Hearing Aid?

    1. The volume of the hearing aid is too high. Is your hearing aid too loud? You may be suffering from something called the occlusion effect if you feel somewhat ‘stuffed up’ in your ears and can hear your own voice. This effect may go away or you may get used to it with time, but if you don’t, contact your audiologist to see if a correction is possible.
    2. There is a whistling sound in the hearing aid. If you’re getting feedback from your hearing aid that sounds like a whistle, it could be caused by too much earwax or fluid. Contact your audiologist to repair your hearing aids.
    1. You hear background noise in your hearing aid. Sometimes, this is completely normal as your hearing aid may not always be able to filter out all background noises and waves, but if it becomes uncomfortable and bothers you, you may need to have your hearing aids repaired.
    1. You hear a ‘buzzing’ sound when you’re using your mobile phone. Buzzing in your hearing aid when you’re on your cellphone is caused by a disturbance of the radio frequency waves. If your hearing aids aren’t working well with your cellphone, you may need to check with your audiologist to see if your aids can be repaired. If this isn’t possible, you may need to get new hearing aids. If buying new hearing aids, bring your phone with you to see if it will be compatible with your new hearing aids.
    1. Your hearing aids are physically uncomfortable. You may need to wear hearing aids for a while to become used to them. Check with your audiologist to see how long you should wear them while you are adjusting to your hearing aids.

    If you are unable to repair your hearing aids yourself, ask your audiologist what you can do about having them adjust or make corrections to your aids. Whatever the issue is, there are hearing aid repair specialists that can help you if your hearing aids need repair. If your current hearing aids are physically uncomfortable, however, you should consider switching to a new pair that may fit you better. It is important that they both work correctly and fit comfortably to be efficient.

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