The human growth hormone 176-191 is actually a research peptide mostly used by scientists all over the world for advance studies in the field of life sciences.

This is mainly a fragment of the Growth hormone peptide. It being a synthetic and a new creation was isolated by various scientists for getting the fat loss attributes which are known to be possessed by the growth hormone. The scientist after undergoing various research have concluded that this human growth hormone fragment has almost 12.5 times more power for fat loss effectiveness than the main product.

human growth fregmentation

Since this peptide has got such a useful benefit, scientist is always looking to expand their research and get a more clear understanding of the product. This is still under lab tests and its sale has not gone yet for human consumption and is limited to be sold only for the lab testing and research. The risks of this product are much higher for oral human consumption.

For those are interested in buying HGH Fragment 176-191, will easily gets their hands on this product from various parts of the world for a vitro research studies.


It has the same use as the human growth hormone for regulating fat in the body.

Also the scientist who were involved in the research of the fragment 176-191 have observed that this peptide stimulates lipolysis and lipogenesis, which the formulation of lipids throughout the body. As this is a isolated fragment, there is every possibility to study these areas without affecting the other things unlike the human growth hormone when studied in vitro.


As said earlier about its effectiveness being 12.5 times more than the human growth hormone, its use should be strictly regulated and limited dosage should be given to yield the organic results.  It is also used in labs for speeding up the natural processes.

These days research is being carried out by scientists to check the effect of this peptide in animal test subjects that may have HIV associated lipodystrophy. The abdominal fat which accumulates due to this condition can be treated with this peptide. Research is still going on to check the significance of this peptide in such situations.

Also research studies have shown that the use of this peptide has shown to increase the IGF-1 levels which mean that the cells will have an anti ageing effect due to this peptide. This area is also under extensive study by scientists to know many more uses of this peptide.


For all those you require HGH fragment for their study in vitro can buy this peptide from reputed online vendors who have good quality product with the required dosage. The product is available in lyophilized powder form. It can be kept stable at room temperature for almost 90 days. It is available in 2mg or 5mg vials. One can buy depending on how much research they want to conduct regarding this peptide. Also make sure about the quality and purity of the product before buying it to yield good results.