Those of you who like to lead an active and healthy life, while doing all kinds of different sports activities, should always make sure to take care of their feet. There are many great podiatrists that can help you maintain your health, for example, there is a great foot doctor in Maroubra, Sydney.

This is something that probably not a lot of us have thought about since the first thing that pops into your head while sitting on a plane is probably not ‘Are my feet healthy?’ However, this is another important thing you should keep in mind, especially if you consider yourself to be an athlete.

Why does this matter?

When you travel by airplane, you can’t really stop it to have a walk after some time has passed, you can only walk on the plane, which is not something that will help. Sitting upright and inactive for a long time can cause many bad things to happen to your feet.

When the central blood vessels get compressed in your tights, it can be very difficult for blood to get pumped to your heart. Leg muscles can easily become tense, which eventually leads to pain and aches, which can also occur after your flight.

The body’s normal mechanism of returning the fluid to the heart can be inhibited, while the gravity can cause the fluid to collect in your feet, which will result in swelling around your ankles and feet. Deep vein thrombosis is shown to commonly occur during prolong inactivity.

How to prevent air travel complications

Compression tights/stockings can help prevent swelling of the feet and ankles, and they can even help improve the blood return to the body from your legs. However, this is something that you should discuss with your sports podiatrist since these kinds of stockings can be purchased from a pharmacy, where they will include proper fitting.

If you talk to your podiatrist, he can recommend a prescribed stretching program that can be used on such occasions. Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, especially if you will be stuck on an airplane for a long time.

Leg and foot exercises

There are some exercises that you can do from time to time, while on the airplane, and they will help relieve pain. You can use the ‘Ankle Circles’ technique where you will lift feet and draw small circles on the floor with your toes, while moving the in different directions. Do this for 15 seconds, and then repeat.

‘Foot Pumps’ is another exercise that will surely help you, and this can be achieved in three stages. First, start by putting both heels on the floor, and point your toes upwards as high as you can. After that put both of your feet flat on the floor, before you lift heels high. You should repeat this continuous motion for 30 seconds.

The exercise ‘Knee Lifts’ is the easiest, as the only thing you need to do is just lift the leg and bend the knee, which will contract your thigh muscle. You can prolong this by lifting the knee to your chest and hugging it.

Final Word

If you follow these simple steps, you will not have a problem when you travel long distances. However, it is advised that you should ask your sports podiatrists for advice, and if you still don’t have your own doctor, try contacting podiatrist doctor, Stewart Hayes.