Edinburgh, Scotland, November 2015 – The classic toilet brush design has remained unchanged for many years, despite having a number of faults. Standard brushes not only fail at cleaning the toilet bowl successfully, often missing the rim, but are also quite unhygienic,because after each use, they leak on the bathroom floor and holder, where bacteria continues to grow. This poses health risks for everyone who uses the toilet. The bristles of a common toilet brush only touch a small part of the surface, meaning that you need to scrub back and forth many times and use harsh chemicals and excessive amount of water to get good cleaning coverage. The LooBlade brings an end to all of this, and is thus a toilet cleaning revolution.

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The LooBladehas germ-neutralising qualities and is easy-to-clean, thanks to its innovative 8-blade helix head design. Smooth and flat surfaces on the LooBlade allow it to maintain continuous contact with the toilet bowl, which means that a single swipe is enough to clean the surface.  The blades have also been configured in such a way that they effectively clean under the rim. With its hydrophobic plastics, the LooBlade ensures that all water is almost immediately removed as it leaves the water. The anti-microbial properties of the blades get rid of bacteria right away. This means that there is no need to use bleach to disinfect it. In fact, the use of LooBlade leads to 75% less use of bleach and water. This makes itextremely environmentally friendly. LooBlade has an ergonomic and iconic handle and an aesthetically pleasing head, as well as a modern range of colour options.


After the initial production of this revolutionary toilet brush in a variety ofcolours through previous successfulcrowdfundingefforts, the innovators behind this it now want to expand the collection,and have launched a new project on Indiegogo introducing the new LooBlade Alloy Edition. This new addition to the LooBlade family is already being dubbed the ‘LooBlade for Life’, thanks to its contemporaryaluminium handle. The LooBlade Alloy Edition comes with a 25-year guarantee and two spare heads making it an investment for long-term sustainability. Additionally, £2 of every LooBlade Alloy Edition purchase will be donated to WaterAid, an international charity aiming to provide clean & safe water all over the world.

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