All of the most clever advertising campaigns in the world can never be substitutes for the value of honest testimonials from people like you who have used, and either loved or hated, a product. When the product in question is something that can help you eliminate unsightly skin issues and regain confidence, the importance of reviews from real-life people increases exponentially.


Civant Skin Care recognizes that real-customer feedback is the best way to assess the effectiveness of its Meladerm product. A number of “real stories” can be found at

In those testimonials, Meladerm users documented their struggle to find a product that addressed skin issues such as melasma, dark patches and other skin discoloration caused by factors like birth control use and prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun, acne and scars from old injuries.

Hundreds of Meladerm users wanted to tell their story, and most of those users gushed over the results they saw from regular applications. Several reviewers went as far as to say that Meladerm was the first of many products they had tried that had brought noticeable results.

It is clear that many people who had searched for years for the right solution and spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on specialty creams and skin treatment with disappointing results were thrilled with the improvement they saw from Meladerm.

According to Civant Skin Care’s website, Meladerm users will begin to see a reduction in dark spots and skin discolorations in about two weeks. After two to three months of use, Meladerm should permanently eliminate skin issues in most users, depending on their pigmentation depth.

Meladerm Cream users also liked the all natural ingredients used in manufacturing the cream, as well as the fact that Meladerm contains no steroids, hydroquinone, mercury or other harmful bleaches.

In addition, real-life Meladerm users seemed to feel that the cost of the product (a 1.7-ounce bottle of Meladerm, which will last about seven weeks or more, costs $49.99 plus shipping costs) was more than worth it considering the results they saw.

One trend visible throughout the more than 500 reviews on the Civant website was that Meladerm is not an overnight fix, but that patience would be rewarded with good results. Many Meladerm users said they were somewhat frustrated in the first few weeks, but that six or seven weeks into regular, daily use their patience was rewarded with noticeable improvements.

Meladerm Cream Reviews also covered a wide variety of skin pigmentation and discoloration issues, and Meladerm users across the board seemed happy with the product’s ability to lighten dark skin, fade dark circles and patches and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, acne and other scars. Users also commented positively on the skin softness and “glow” they saw after using Meladerm.

Perhaps the most important comment made by so many of the Meladerm reviewers was the level of confidence they gained after using Meladerm. It’s no secret, when we look good, we feel good about ourselves.

Meladerm users agree: This product works where so many others failed.