Foot reflexology tools are tools that you may buy from the market that work on your foot pressure points, helping to eliminate chronic soreness of the feet. They are very effective at healing aching feet, and work on several pressure points on the body. Most of the tools related to foot pressure points are quite simple, and quite economical. The best tools for foot pressure points are cheap, not too mechanical, sturdy, not prone to breaking down, not too big or bulky. We discuss some of the more popular tools that work on the foot pressure points.


Zensufu Wooden Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball Foot Massager Combo: This highly popular foot massage tool works on the foot sinus pressure points and is ideal for home use. You may as well keep one in your office, or carry with you while traveling. The wooden foot massage roller it comes with, along with the spiky massage ball, works on the pressure points on the body, and relieves foot ache.

Thai Foot Massage Stick: This is a traditional foot reflexology tool consisting of a massage stick made from teak wood. Varieties of pressure and sensations may be applied with it using the thick and the thin ends of the stick, as well as making use of the smooth and ridged sides.

Reflexology 1.7m x0.35m Walk Stone Foot Massage Leg Massager Mat Health Care: This highly popular foot massage mat exercises all the foot pressure points all at once by stimulating the reflex zones in the feet. It helps to relax the nerves, soothes the muscles, enhances the metabolism and increases the immunity. It consists of plastic stones that may be arranged according to your own choice of color, pattern and size. The advantage is that it’s very easy to use and you may massage your feet by walking on it within the house or outside. The idea is to walk on the mat for 20 minutes at a time for perfect relief. It doesn’t take much space in the house and may be easily kept aside when not needed.