People have different opinions about ob/gyn and gynecologist visits; but with the internet that is at the palm of our hands, it is it easy to research and find out the truth. Be careful while on the internet too! For it also has some misleading information that might not be true.

During the early years, matters to do with reproductive health were not talked about freely and openly, but with time it has become a matter of discussion to both genders. It is essential to visit a gynecologist who will enable you to learn better and understand your body. Being well aware of the myths that are there will enlighten you on the truth about the same- some of the myths include;

  1. Visiting gynecologists is traumatizing

We all have our fears, but this should not be one of them. Ob-gyns are there to help you in your areas of need, in fact, most appointments do not take more than 30 minutes. While preparing to see a gynecologist, it is important to stay relaxed and kill the anxiety of the fear of the unknown

  1. I am too young to see a gynecologist

Visits to the gynecologist should start as early as puberty which is around the age of 13. There are some questions that you wouldn’t be comfortable asking your parents or peers. It is therefore recommended to book an appointment as the gynecologist will give you exposure on matters about your reproductive and sexual health.

  1. Only sexually active people should visit the gynecologist

This is not true, J.David Edwards, MD, is one of the best gynecologists who provides a vast range of professional services for his patients during their visits. It all depends on what your appointment is about. Some of the services offered include cervical cancer screening, menopause, and pregnancy among others.

  1. You only need pap smear once a year

Pap smear is an important test that is used to screen for cervical cancer risks. Women between ages 25-60 are advised to get pap smears at least once every three years. Having that in mind, it does not mean you shouldn’t book an appointment with your gynecologist, remember there are more services to be offered on the same.

  1. Birth control causes weight gain

Every woman’s body is different in regards to their hormones. It is advisable to seek advice from your gynecologist to know the effective family planning method that will suit you without having sickening side effects.

  1. You can’t tell your gynecologist everything

First, you need to find a professional gynecologist who you can trust and be free with. For them to help you and treat you accordingly, you will have to open up to them. You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell them what you need as the end goal is for your wellbeing.

  1. Breast cancer is the common killer of most women

Breast cancer is a major concern especially for women in their late thirties. Studies show that breast cancer affects one in eight women while heart disease kills one in four women. This means that heart disease claims more lives as compared to cancer.