In today’s day and time, everyone has become a lot more health conscious. They have started to maintain a regular exercise routine, have healthier meals and have a more balanced lifestyle on the whole.

Sports and fitness have become a priority for many in order to maintain this healthy lifestyle. People engage themselves in various sports like cricket, tennis or basketball to stay fit and happy whilst also getting some exercise in the process. At one point having comfortable sports clothing was a matter of practicality however its different now either many people opting for branded sport wears and equipment. Popular ones include Spalding, Nike, Lululemon, Adidas and Lorna Jane.

Why opt for branded?

Sure branded clothing is expensive but rightly so. There is a huge difference between buying something from a reputed brand and something from a run of the mill store. The things to keep in mind when buying for sportswear include:

  • Fabric quality: the quality of the fabric is an extremely important criteria when you shop for sportswear. The fabric tells you how durable, how long the material will last and how long you can use it for. There should be some stretch in the material over time as this ensures a comfortable fit. Always check that the fabric stretches and recovers when you first buy a new pant or t-shirt. This is indication of how it will perform with time.
  • Colourfastness whilst washing: This is how soon the colour from the fabric fades or lightens when washing. Some sportswear companies actually recommend you wash your new sportswear before using it. This is to ensure you get rid of harmful chemicals but also to test their colourfastness. Some clothing should always be washed separately so you avoid any colour getting onto other pieces of clothing. This usually applies for black or brightly coloured clothing.
  • Pilling: Pilling is the pulling of the thread. Some materials pill more quickly than others. It’s important to check a few different fabrics to compare the difference before choosing for the ideal one.
  • Moisture wicking ability: this is the ability for the fabric to absorb the sweat and moisture for the person’s body and still keep them cool as they continue to play. The important thing to remember about this is that the fabric won’t be able to wick away moisture if it is not in contact with the body of the person wearing it. So the fit of the pant or top is very important.
  • Stitch type: the stitch type and number of stitched on your yoga pant or sports t-shirt is equally important as these tell you how long and hoe durable these pieces will be. As sport is not an activity where you stay stationary in one position, you need a fabric that will be able to withstand all the moving and vigorous activity. The ideal stitching should be around 12-14 stiches for every inch.
  • Fit and style: just opting for designer wear is not enough, you need to ensure that the fit and style is perfect for the sport, for the fit to be suitable for the sport you are playing, look for sportswear.