Parenting a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD/ADD can be quite challenging. Your child may have a hard time comprehending certain instructions as they have a shorter attention span than most kids. He would also be in a seemingly chronic state of activity, which is another thing you’re going to have to deal with as a parent. Without further ado, we’re bringing you some great tips to help you deal with children with ADHD.
Setup a Routine
Performing activities according to routine is oneway to manage your child’s behavior and urges. You can do this by setting up a specific time for common activities like eating, bathing, doing homework, playing outside, playing videogames, and doing chores.
You can even setup specific lights on and off to make sure your child is getting the right amount of sleep. It’s important to discipline your kid into these routines at a young age.
You can write these schedules and instructions on strategically visible places so that your kid will always shave a reference.
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Keep Constant Supervision
Children with ADHD are more impulsive than most kids their age, which is why it is very important to keep your eye on them at all times. If either parent is not available to look after the child, callup a close friend or family member to do the baby sitting for you. Give whoever’s incharge clear baby sitting instructions, a bit of background as to what ADHD is, and that your child has it.
Establish Simple House Rules
The key to establishing house rules with children with  ADHD is to provide simple yet clear instructions. Positive and non-abusive negative reinforcements should be implemented to introduce consequences of bad behavior. Punishment for disobeying the house rules should be just and consistent.
A child with ADHD can have a hard time learning social skills and conforming to social norms. In this light, it is best to keep track of your child’s behavior around his or her play mates. You can invite a few of these pals over for a play date to improve your child’s social skills under your watchful eye. To encourage friendly play relationships, you can include positive reinforcement in to the equation. Make sure there won’t be any yelling, hitting or other mean behaviors during play time.
Put Together a Homework Routine 
Homework is much trickier for a child with ADHD. Distractions can come from even the smallest things, so it is crucial to designate a “homework station” where in your child can do their home work in peace–with your guidance and supervision, of course. Your child’s homework routine should include breaks in between for snacks and a few minutes of play to regenerate his brain.
Children, in general, are very passionate about what they set their minds to, but they don’t always succeed in their little goals and desires. As a parent to a childwith ADHD, it is your responsibility to motivate your little one in all aspects of life. Commend them for every small accomplishment and give them small rewards for some more motivation. That is how you deal with children with ADHD.