The male sex organ has been the subject of intense scrutiny for many years. There are conflicting studies available, some of which say that the size of the male sex organ can have a major impact on sexual performance, whereas others claim that anywhere around 3.5” is enough to satisfy a woman, provided a man knows what he is doing. There’s little doubt; however, that the size of the male sex organ has a major impact on a man’s confidence and overall sexual performance. If a man has a small penis, it will be difficult for him to get over the mental barriers in his head. This can affect sexual performance drastically and make it difficult for him to perform well in bed.

Confidence plays a huge role in sex. If you have a smaller penis, you will constantly be thinking about the other person and what they might be thinking. Needless to say, this will have a major impact on your sexual performance. If you have a smaller penis, there are many options and treatments now available. You can get penis enlargement in Malaysia from a variety of different clinics around the country. There are a host of different methods available for treatment as well.

Penis Enlargement Pills

One of the most controversial methods of penis enlargement is the pill. Often marketed on the web by different companies, penis enlargement pills claim to provide amazing results within a few weeks. However, the jury is still out on this method. There’s really no proof that it works, and many who have been fooled into buying these pills have claimed that the only thing that increased was their credit card bill. However, there are a handful of individuals who have claimed that these pills actually work. Again, it really depends on who you prefer to believe.

Surgical Treatment

A better, more viable option is to get derma-fillers injected into your penis. These are designed to increase the girth of your penis. Derma-filler treatments usually last a year and are quite affordable nowadays. The difference becomes clear within a few hours of the treatment. However, these treatments aren’t permanent and you will need to go for subsequent injections after every few months, since your body will absorb the derma-filler. This is a safe and highly recommended method that has become popular amongst many individuals who feel that their penis isn’t as big as they would like.


There are also a number of penis enlargement creams that you can choose from. Again, there’s really no proof available whether these creams actually work or not. Some say that these creams work wonders, while others claim that they are just a tool for money-making. There aren’t any reputable brands available in the market, and these creams can also cause a series of side-effects. The last thing that you would want is to see rashes developing on your penis! Before trying any penis enlargement cream, it’s highly recommended that you visit your dermatologist.