Lifestyle diseases are on the rise, and many people are falling victims to these illnesses. This means that every step you take can determine the number of years you will live a healthy life. This includes the number of hours you sleep, the type of food you consume and even the type of friends you keep. Despite having hectic daily schedules, you should set aside some time to do these little things such as meditation, walking, running and even going to the gym after work. They may seem like little tasks, but they go a long way in determining your health and probably the number of years you will spend on this earth. These small activities that people neglect include: 

One thing that humans have in common is sleep. However, this differs by the number of hours that some people spend sleeping. Experts recommend that you should sleep at least 6 hours a day. However, due to job demands and hectic schedules, people don’t see the need to spend all these hours asleep, and this has tremendous effects on their work schedules. Insufficient sleep can be very detrimental to your health for many reasons. Also, irregular sleep patterns can also harm your body. The small ways that insufficient sleep may affect your body include poor metabolism, poor memory, and weak immune system. Sleep deprivation is also known to cause mood swings, lack of concentration and poor motor skills. Sufficient sleep allows your body to repair, rejuvenate and heal in ways not possible when awake. 

Exercising Especially Walking 
Many health benefits come from exercising particularly walking. Walking can incorporate many types of exercises such as strength exercise that is crucial for strengthening your muscles. Walking also incorporates cardiovascular exercise that is needed by your lungs and heart. In general, walking can help improve blood circulation in your body and is one of the best ways of combating depression. Click here to learn more about the benefits of walking and how far you should walk. 

Healthy Eating and Staying Hydrated
Experts emphasize that for us to live long, we should drink a lot of water in a single day. Some of the benefits associated with drinking water are that it cleanses the digestive system as well as our organs. Above that, water plays an important role in removing toxins from our body. However, water should not be drunk at once but should be drunk in intervals. Eating healthy, on the other hand, requires us to eat balanced diets and meals. A good meal should contain all nutrients such a protein, vitamin, fats, and carbohydrates. Remember not to over eat. Some of the junk foods that may cause more harm than good to your body include artificial sweeteners, pizza, and burgers. 

The art of expression
People who keep emotions to themselves are likely to live a miserable life health wise. In most cases, if you don’t express your feelings and emotions, they will lead to eating disorders, sleeping problems and even could cause depression. For you to live a healthy life, you should learn how to express yourself. You can achieve this by even writing your thoughts and opinions on a piece of paper.