Some of the Common Dental Problems and Their Remedies


Neglecting our teeth can lead to many serious health problems; therefore, it is necessary to visit the clinics of a professional dentist regularly. You should be brushing your teeth 2 times a day and flossing once a day.

You can discuss various dental problems by visiting the Carrollton Texas dentist. In this small article, we will try to explain few of the common dental problems.

Bad Breath

It is very common to find people who are suffering from bad breath. This condition is also known as halitosis, and it can be very embarrassing. According to the available data, 85 percent of people suffer from bad breath because of poor dental health habits.

Bad breath can also occur if we have any kind of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, dry mouth or development of any bacteria on our tongue. However, dental problems are the main reasons for bad breath. Many people use mouthwash to get rid of this problem, but won’t solve a dental problem. If the bad breath is persistent, you must immediately consult a dentist.

Tooth decay

Many people in the USA suffer from tooth decay, which is due to a cavity formation in our teeth. The reason for tooth decay is due to formation of sticky layer on the teeth called plaque. This layer forms because of sugar and starch content present in our food. An acid formation takes place, which attacks the enamel of our teeth.

We can avoid tooth decay by brushing two times a day along with daily flossing coupled with regular visit to dentist for checkups. We must also avoid eating or drinking food that contains a lot of sugar.


Gum Disease

Researchers have established that gum diseases are often linked with strokes and heart attacks. It is a kind of infection in the gums that surrounds the teeth. Many adults lose their teeth due to gum disease. There are two stages of gum disease.

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis

Therefore we need to brush our teeth and floss daily in addition to periodic dental checkup.

Oral Cancer

Millions of people in America are suffering from deadly oral cancer, and at least one person dies every hour in a day because of it. In the whole of world, about 300,000 new oral cancer cases come up in a year. This is a very serious kind of dental disease that affects our lips, throat or mouth. If it is diagnosed during early stages, it can be treated and cured.

Mouth Sores

There are many different types of mouth sores that can trouble us. We need not worry if such mouth sores disappear automatically within couple of weeks. Some of the common mouth sores are as follows:

Tooth Erosion

If the acid attacks our enamel of the teeth then tooth erosion takes place, which is a loss of tooth structure. The sign of tooth erosion is sensitivity in the tooth and also cracking of tooth. It is very common tooth problem and can easily be prevented.

Tooth Sensitivity

Millions of people suffer from tooth sensitivity problems. When this occurs, you will experience pain and discomfort, especially when you eat sweets. You may also get such feelings while drinking hot or cold drinks. Some people may also feel the discomfort while brushing or flossing if they have a sensitive tooth.


You can avoid this problem by regularly visiting a dentist.

Unattractive Smile

It is in fact not a dental problem, but you can solve this issue by undergoing proper dental treatments.

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