The State-of-the-art Management Center for Autism Patients in Freeport


As versed by the most eminent cardiologist Dr. Lowell that Maine is one of states in US which has highest number of Autism patients, and people suffering from different cardiac problems, obese and diabetes. Sadly, this number is increasing day by day. Based in Freeport-Maine, Dr. Lowell Gerber MD, MS FACC, is the founder, chief medical advisor and owner of the renowned healthcare facility Freeport Lifestyle & Age-Management Medicine LLC. While this is the parent company, it has two distinct medical divisions which are Younger Leaner ME, LLC and the second one is Bio-Individual Health Strategies, LLC. The major focus area of Younger Lerner; ME is offering individualized healthcare and management services to kids and youth, having normal developmental problems of aging issues troubled by the severe disease  Autism. The whole idea behind his foundation of the care unit Young Learner in ME, in 2012 is offering research based rehabilitation services to the Autism effected young generation.


In the due course of time, Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD introduced the pioneering human care unit for Americans BIOINDIVIDUAL Health Strategies, LLC in Freeport. Bio individual Health Strategies is focused on healthcare services including Weight Management Services, Prevention Aging Services and Lifestyle based Medication solutions. Incidentally, the care services offered by BIOINDIVIDUAL is in top demand among the new generation men and women, and patients are coming from all across different states to get rid of obese, hypertension and other complications. The uniqueness of Bio-Individual facility is its innovative approach of treatment. Equipped with a team of healthcare physician and caregivers Dr. Lowell Gerber MD is pro-actively involved at Bio-Individual where patients are treated based on combination of holistic healing measures and standard medication.

Subsequent to completion of high school degrees, Dr. Gerber, underwent his BS degree and later completed Master’s in physiology of exercise from the University of Illinois. He holds his medical degree, received from STRITCH School-Loyola University, located in Maywood, Illinois. It’s University of South Florida, College of Medicine in Tampa from where he completed his residency curriculum in internal medicine. From the same University he received fellowship in Cardiology. Dr. Gerber is an extremely popular and esteemed board affiliate in American Board of Internal Medicine.

A specialty area of Dr Gerber is his exclusive advisory, management procedures and counseling on workplace bullying. With his outstanding solutions and great methodologies he has helped numerous people to keep them away from bullying tendencies in the place of work. Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD has been a trustee member of Maine Gerontological Society. Dr. Lowell holds board certification in Cardiovascular Problems and Diseases together with Internal Cardiology. Further, he is equipped with Level III Certification in Cardiovascular Computer Tomography and Age Management Medicine.  In order to organize his super specialty hospice he received great support and suggestion of Dr Danielle Duval RN-MS NP-C. He is having board membership with a series of healthcare facilities in America and accepts insurance of all major medical insurance companies. The esteemed physician was born and brought up in Chicago, the US.