Forskolin is a chemical that’s derived from Coleus forskohlii plant. For the longest time, the parts of the plant have been used in traditional medicine, mainly in Southeast Asian countries. Apart from being a potential treatment for chest pain and blood pressure, the extracts are also great for treating skin conditions. Forskolin has also been used for treating conditions like eczema and to get relief from insomnia. If you are keen on buying pure forskolin supplements, some of the below mentioned tips may come handy.

Basic facts

Many parts and components of Coleus plant can be found in varied products and is known by other names, as well. Common names are Borforsin, Coleus forskohlii, Forskolina and Plectranthus barbatus. As a consumer, you should be looking for the purest product, and therefore, it makes sense to read between the labels. The label will clearly mention the extract amount in right definition. Also, it is good to understand the components in detail, so that you can find the fillers that are often added. It is possible to get 95% to 100% natural forskolin extract, which works greatly for weight loss.


Getting results

If you are using natural forskolin extract for the needs of losing weight, you have to keep in mind that there is nothing called a medical miracle. Weight loss should be systematic and very sustainable, and for that, exercise and diet plays a crucial role. Despite being a herbal supplement, there are a few side effects of natural forskolin. It is best that pregnant and breast-feeding woimen avoid the supplement in all forms, as there isn’t enough information to talk of the safety concerns in detail. As for the dosage, it is essential to read the label instructions. The purity of the product has a big say in the final results.

Side effects considerations

In general, pure forskolin is considered to be relatively safe, and most of the side effects depend from person to person. Some of the drugs are known to interact with certain supplements, including forskolin. It is wise to take some time to understand and evaluate forskolin benefits in detail, and as needed, you can decide on the dosage. If you are already taking any medications on a daily basis, make sure to talk to a doctor, who can tell a lot of other aspects about interactions.

Finally, don’t miss on asking questions. As a good practice, you might also want to compare the drug with Garcinia Cambogia.