We all know visiting the dentist for more than a cleaning can end up being very expensive.  This is the case because dental procedures are highly specialized and use expensive materials and equipment.  Due to the high cost of many procedures there has been an influx fraud in the industry.  One of the main procedures that is suffering from fraud is the dental implant.  Dental implants are often advertised on the radio, television or magazines at rock bottom prices or even for free.  This sounds like a good deal but there are many pitfalls that usually make the experience too god to be true.


Commonly, these implant frauds get you in the dentist chair and after hit you with a large assortment of hidden fees.  A procedure may be free because it is performed by a training dentist, a promotional offer is running or another reason.  Once you have had the procedure completed your bill may feature many costly fees that are seemingly unrelated to the dental implant procedure.  The implant itself may be listed as no cost, but what about the cost of re-surfacing, hourly rate, tool used or other restoration procedures that may or may not have happened.

Another popular scheme is to provide free implants but then grossly overcharge on the cost of the necessary crowns.  The crown is the visible portion of the procedure and is the expensive part.  The actual implant (internal) can be low quality and cheap from Asia.

The most detrimental and devastating form of implant fraud is when the dentist under qualified and performs sub standard surgery.  This can be painful and dangerous, especially down the road after treatment.  Never mind the potential failure of the implant, but other much scarier side effects have happened including blood poisoning and infection.

Talk is cheap, so always ensure you know who your dentist is. Many supposed professionals claim extensive experience and training but in reality could just be a weekend course on the subject.  Same as the pharmaceutical industry, dentists are given plaques or certificates in exchange for purchasing a certain brand of implants or dental products.  Some may look impressive but are no less false than something that came inside a cereal box.  Other shady dentists will enroll in organizations and then flaunt that as if it is a qualification to provide treatment.

Unfortunately, dentistry is a business and is not without it’s unscrupulous practitioners.  Always be aware of what a procedure should cost and where you go to have it done.  If you do not feel completely comfortable, walk away.  If the price is so low you cant believe it or find other dental offices willing to match it, then again, walk away.  It is certainly not worth having one of the above experiences and learning the hard way.  Never gamble when it comes to your oral health.  Always choose a professional dentist Nepean to ensure your smile stays healthy for life.