Low testosterone, apart from causing problems in sex life and relations, also cause migraine and other severe forms of headaches that are difficult to counter. Men have stated that they felt highly relieved after upping their testosterone levels with the help of replacement therapy. It is justified that changes in hormones bring certain side-effects and weaknesses. However, this problem can be persistent and not be dulled with the help of painkillers or other drugs.

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  • The sex hormone is useful in reducing brain inflammation. Not only is that a surefire way to avoid minor problems like migraine, but also goes a long way in ensuring that one doesn’t suffer any major health ailments.


  • Low levels of serotonin can be a cause of bad headaches. Once the T hormone is stabilized in a man, the balanced levels of serotonin will be rewarding. It is also called the happiness hormone because proper levels of it keep a person upbeat and devoid of unpleasant thoughts.
  • Depression and anxiety has a very real impact on the brain. Cortical spreading depression affects electrical processes of the outer layer of the brain and triggers migraines. Testosterone levels play a vital role in maintaining the mental sanctity and happiness of a person.
  • Blood vessels are widened and blood flow remains normal. This is the simplest getaway to a healthy brain.


People who suffer from migraine know just how bad the pain and nausea gets and how irritable it can be. It’s worse when the cause is something that they could fix if only they had the proper know how. Since testosterone turns a boy into a man, it holds vital importance in the human body. The study related to this topic evolves and grows every day.

Solutions are now within reach of the common man- he just has to take responsibility of his good health and grab it. There might be common side-effects to hormonal treatments like change in size of private parts or lower sperm production. However, this is being countered by the best professionals on block.