Around 10% of people in the UK are thought to suffer from migraine. Some get infrequent attacks only a few times a year, others are struck down by these crippling headaches on a regular basis to such an extent they almost control their lives. Migraine is usually accompanied by more than just intense pain in the head. Some people find they experience flashing lights; others are physically sick or have feelings of nausea, whilst others have a sensitivity to smell, light and noise. Whatever your symptoms are, you need to find a way of dealing with them.

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Many Sufferers Are Women

Of the people who suffer from migraine, a larger proportion of them are women and although it tends to be a problem that is less troublesome in older people, it can in fact start at any age. People who suffer from migraine are also more likely to suffer from other problems such as travel sickness and vertigo for some reason.

Many Different Triggers

Migraine can be triggered by different things in different people so it’s a good idea to keep a diary if possible to establish what triggers yours; it could be something as simple as missing a meal, a specific food such as chocolate or cheese, a lack of sleep or possibly a hormonal change if you are a woman. Being mildly dehydrated and alcohol are also triggers in some people. So, what can you do to relieve migraine?

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Natural Remedies

Certain types of painkillers work for some people but some work better than others. Some swear by the more natural remedies such as feverfew whilst some find combining painkillers with a relaxing therapy such a hot tub are very successful. In fact using a hot tub as a migraine treatment (something suggested to us by Aqua Warehouse in Chelmsford, Essex) is growing in popularity but the best way of finding a successful treatment is to give it a go; everyone if different and what may work for one may be less successful in others.